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Protective visor

This protective visor is suitable for protection against drops and splashes in the social and health fields and in other tasks that require protection. The visor is reusable and can be cleaned with an ethanol-based cleaner. The application of the CE marking is still in progress.

The lens in made of clear PET plastic. The visor is attached with a rubber band. This allows the user to adjust the tension to suit him or herself. Glasses and face mask fit under the visor without any problems.

To prolong the life of the visor, a worn or broken part can be replaced. The visor’s lens and frame with head pads can be ordered separately as spare parts.

The best cleaning result comes with KW Blue Cleaner, which comes with an anti-fog agent. Read the operating instructions before using and cleaning the visor.

  • The body part color is available in black and white
  • Height 25 cm
  • Weight 150 g
  • Protection and view 180 degrees
  • The head circumference is adjustable with an elastic band